Our History and Beliefs

Founded in 1890, the purpose of Ochre Hill Baptist Church has always been to promote the worship of the one true God through reading & study of the Bible and teaching & preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired, infallible word of God. We believe the scriptures teach that there is only one, true, living God who is creator of all. We believe salvation is offered freely to all who accept Jesus Christ, God’s Son, as Lord and Savior who by His own blood obtained eternal redemption for every believer. We observe the Lord’s Supper and baptism by immersion as acts of obedience to our Lord. We believe Christ is coming again and it is the duty and privilege of every follower of Christ to seek to win the lost and make disciples of all nations.


Our Church Leaders


Kim Fiskeaux
Missions Coordinator

Rob Sutton

Grace Powell
Choir Director

Mike Parks